Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mardi Gras is coming

The boys love walking a block over and catching all the local parades. We will be out of town for the official Mardi Gras week, but we will get in all the parades we can before then.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I bore babies to sleep!

Amy and Mandy had an errand to run today and I volunteered to babysit a few days before. Well, when I woke this morning, I felt like poop but didn't want to change plans, so I willingly took in Laney and Eli. They were very well behaved! Delaney kept trying to lay down and watch tv on the floor, but with the two big brutes, she kept getting disturbed. She finally decided to come play behind the chair I was sitting in, to avoid the boys. She got quiet and I turned around to find her sleeping on the ground.

Within minutes, Eli passed out on the sofa.

Neither had fussed about being sleepy. God was good to me and let me rest, even when I had to babysit under the weather.
What's funny is a few days before I had to babysit Xander and Laney and Xander passed out in the chair sleeping in the middle of playtime.

There must be something relaxing, or outright boring, going on here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Name dropper

The boys are very proud of their littlest, most beautiful girl friend, Delaney! They just want this to go down in the books that they know her. She (in the Saints outfit) is on her way to supermodel stardom and we hope one day when she hits it big time, she will remember her roots (or Cullen, Aiden and Roman will have to remind her). We're all very proud of Miss Sassypants!

Monday, January 25, 2010

There was a large family that lived in a shoe

I hope this blog answers some questions that some people may have about adding to our already big, happy family in our small, warm home. This is to help you understand a little better what is going through our minds.

Jude and I purchased a modest (small/older) house, right under 1200 square feet, in a really nice part of town with very low crime a little over three years ago. Yes, we searched the local sheriff's office website to view crime in all local areas and we checked for child predators before we made a decision on any home. We considered what public school district we would live in knowing we wanted a large family and private school wasn't always going to be an option in our lives. We talked to neighbors before signing the papers on our house. We drove by at all hours on different days to see the neighborhood at all times. My point is, we put a lot of time into choosing our latest home. It is small in size, and in the past, has been an issue I have had to deal with and accept, moving from a larger house to this home. I have come to terms in the fact that we will not be moving anytime soon, as our plan now is to get out of debt before bringing on anymore financial burdens (besides children, top priority). A larger house being one of them. Ideally, I would like to add on to this one, eventually. We prioritize. I enjoy staying home with my children and that is most important to us at this time in our lives. We are very fortunate that I am able to do this off of one income and there is not a day that goes by that I do not thank God for this wonderful gift. We do budget and it is a very hard task in it's own, but it is what we want and totally worth it to us.
I came from a very small family and have always admired larger ones. There were kids in school that had many brothers and sisters and I envied that. I look at Jude's large family, his dad has six brothers and sisters, his mom the same, and I think their big families are amazing. I want my children to have lots of siblings. I am happy we will have four kids and am even now considering adding one more, for a total of five. It's not about having a girl, though that would be ideal and a joy to me. It's about having a big family, which is a rare thing these days. For anyone that has the mindset that each child needs their own room, I will have to say that I totally disagree. Here, in our household, all we do in our rooms are sleep and change clothes. We have a toy room and a family living room. My children do not hang out in their rooms. Even Cullen, the one who has his own room, is rarely in there. My children like to be under my feet. They drive me crazy at times, but I am happy with this situation. So to think that two (even three) kids cannot share a room at this young age is totally ridiculous to me and MY opinion is all that matters when it comes to raising MY family. By the time they are teens, I am positive we will have expanded on our home and made more room for three teenage boys, plus. Having one's own room is a luxury that not everyone can afford, nor finds necessary. Owning a home is a luxury in itself, big or small. Also, private school is not a top priority for everyone. I'm really tired of people thinking that one is better than the other, when they have no experience in both. The saying is: To each, his own. I am happy we are having another baby, we planned this, and consider our lives a blessing! There are many people in this world that have less than you, and just as many that have more. It's about being happy with what you have that counts....We're happy!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saints Sunday

Jude was off work today and he invited his dad over to watch the NFC playoffs at our house. I volunteered to babysit Xander and Delaney, and all three boys were home. It was a lazy football Sunday. Jude was so excited when the Saints won, putting them in the Superbowl.

He was so cute to watch! I am used to him being grumpy season after season when they lose a few games, but the joy he had from this one win was all worth it.
Here are a few pics from the day.

I told Roman to give me "number one" and he kept turning around and doing it behind his back

Miss Laney in her Saints outfit

These two knuckleheads played the Wii Super Mario Brothers the entire time

Manly wrestling

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Monkey town

This morning I woke up and decided to take the boys out for a day of kid stuff. We, as a family, usually do stuff on Sundays, but with the freaking Saints playing and Jude working on the other Sundays, the kids have been deprived. First we went to the donut shop and had breakfast. Then we tried to go to the big city park and ride some rides, but I didn't realize they were closed until Spring. We then headed to the funnest place (that mommy can semi relax at) nearby and the boys burned some energy. After an hour or so, I bribed them to leave with McDonalds and we headed home, where we ate and played the Wii. It was a fun day and I look forward to the football season ending soon so Daddy can tag along.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Where do babies come from?

This past week we told the boys we were having another baby. There have been a lot of questions coming in ever since then. They want to know if it will be a boy or a girl. They like to discuss names. They all seem very involved and it is precious. So, I was bathing Aiden Sunday and he asked me where do babies come from. I snickered and yelled the question to Jude so he could get a giggle. As I was deciding the best answer in my head, Jude yells back, "From a flower". (Flower=girl part here) When I heard that, I quickly told him they come from the belly. Aiden says "Nu-uhh, I know where babies come from", smirking. I asked where and he replied, "From a flower." I could have died. I think he knew I was BS'ing at that point because Daddy spoke the truth. He's four and he now knows where babies come from. Cullen is ten and still doesn't know this interesting fact!
Which brings me to this. My four year old schooled my ten year old on where babies come from. Cullen came home Monday morning from his dads and we were on our way to Jude's Maw Maw's funeral. We're in the car and I hear Aiden say so proudly, "I know where babies come from!". Cullen replies, "Me too! They come from the stomach." Aiden says "Nu-uhhh, no they don't. They come from *insert motions pointing to himself down below*". Cullen says, "No they don't!" Aiden, "Yes they do! They come from a flower!". At this point, Jude and I are cracking up laughing. Cullen tries to tattle on Aiden and the truth comes out. Both boys now know where babies come from THANKS TO DAD. I did add that technically, babies come from both areas, it just depends on your delivery.
The other day Aiden and I were playing around rough and I told Aiden "I made you. I brought you into this world and I can take you out." Without skipping a beat, Aiden replied "You didn't make me, GOD DID!". He is too smart (mouthed).

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

Roman and I decided to take a ride out to the Kiln and hang out with one of my good friends, Breezy, today.
On our way out, we stopped at Randazzo's and picked up two king cakes for my two friends that live in the sticks. First, we stopped at Jenn's work and delivered hers to her surprise. She was very happy! We got to chat with her for a few. Then, we went on to Breezy's house where we hung out with

Coein (he's five),

and Glory (Breezy's sis).

I love the country! It was so peaceful, quiet, the weather was gorgeous, and it was just a perfect day all around. Breezy ate half her king cake just while I was there. She is so tiny, I don't know where she put it all. But, she ate it! Roman and Coein played the entire time, which had him sleeping the whole ride home. That means he had a great day, too. We are going to have to go back on a Monday so we can visit with Jenn on her day off. I look forward to going back to hang with my girls! I've known them since middle school. Thanks, Brandi, for putting them in my life for good:)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Girl's dinner

Tonight I went to dinner with some of my fave friends and it was a fantastic time. Amy got to announce I was preggers to the girls:) We discussed relationships, photography, weddings, and religion, just to name a few topics. We are all so different, yet similar in so many ways. I always leave laughing and happy I went. We've been doing this for almost three years and I hope we continue this tradition for many, many, more years to come.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

45 days; oh, and 8 months to go

I haven't blogged in about a month and a half (45 days) and I do miss it at times; other times, I don't. A lot has happened over the weeks, including a wonderful Christmas, a happy new year, a death in the family and a new life created.
Every Sunday you will find Jude and I at a church that I absolutely love! It is amazing what God can do in your life. I wish I had found this church sooner.
Wednesday nights I recently started attending a small covenant group within the LCC and am enjoying it. The kids still love going to church! Life has been wonderful in an amazing Godly way. Last week we were presented with fasting for three weeks of prayer. I decided to fast from Facebook, something I do way too much and find pleasure in. It was hard the first few days but I think I got the hang of it. I have been reading some great books to make up for all my empty time. So maybe, just maybe, with this new found time, I will figure out how to manage my time better and be able to blog again.
Aiden got "Student of the Month" at school a few days ago. Yes, my little man is the complete opposite when under other's care. He is an angel. lol Nine months of school, twenty students in class, he was one picked. Yay Aiden!! Cullen also had all A's, B's, and one C on his report card for his studies. Conduct is all C's too. The boy likes to talk. He can't help it. He was so down on himself the day he got his grades. I was super proud of him! It's like we weren't looking at the same report card. (I know he can pull that C up and give his momma an honor roll once this year.)
In other news, sadly, Jude's Maw Maw passed away on Thursday at four in the morning. She hadn't been doing well and hospice had come in about two weeks ago to help with her care while she spent her last days at home. She had seven children (including Jude's dad), many grandchildren, great grandchildren, and even one great-great grandchild. She was 86 years old. I'd say she lived a long, happy, fulfilled life. She was a woman to admire and I am sure she is enjoying her stay in heaven. Her services were yesterday and it was a beautiful thing to witness. She packed a church!
On the morning of her passing, we got a call at 7:00 a.m. I was waiting to take a pregnancy test as it got closer to my due cycle. It was three days before my missed cycle but I knew New Years Eve night was a success. I just knew it! (Yes, we started trying in December.) So when the phone rang, I woke to run to the bathroom and do my thing. Sure enough, there was a very faint pink extra line. I was sad about Maw Maw and happy to have new life inside of me. That day will never be forgotten. Jude and I are expecting another baby!
For the question, "Are you hoping for that girl?", well, I am just hoping for a healthy baby. I put so much hope into my last child (Roman) being a girl, that when I found out it was a he, I was devastated. I cried and cried. I don't want to do that to myself again. I'll take another boy! At least I will know what to do with him. I'll have hand me downs, too. We can always have another:) I am four weeks and our due date is September 25, 2010. We are so excited to add to our family!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My heart is tattered

The murder trial of my friend Brandi Hawkins Laurent is no longer scheduled two weeks away, for January 25, 2010. Today, the lawyer for LLL III requested a continuance on the murder trial and I found out about this one hour before it was scheduled to happen. I thought for sure it would get denied. It has already been two years and five months since he murdered her. Nothing new has occured in the past two years since he was arrested in January 2008. He has had the same defense attorney for the past two years. I thought there was NO WAY he would get it granted, giving all the family (and county) has had to go through. Well, guess what, it was granted! We now have to wait four more months. April 19, 2009 is the new date. I am sick. My heart hurts. I don't understand and am a tad confused about our justice system at the moment. I hope God has a plan, cause I don't see any good in this.