Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or treat, Smell my feet!

My favorite holiday is Halloween! I love the weather, the atmosphere, the "free" candy, dressing up, the parties, and so on. Christmas just stresses me out beyond belief. Tonight, we dressed up and headed over to Aunt Dawny's for some action. We went trick or treating in her neighborhood, visited with family, and were back home in under two hours. Both the boys are sick and Aiden has a slightly higher temperature than normal. How could I deny my children Halloween fun? They weren't acting sick, that's for sure. We had one (that's it) group come knock on our door at home for some candy before we left and one of the children was actually on her cell phone. WTH?! I told her parents that was a first for me. What is this world coming to?
My favorite part: When Aiden would say "My Mom's the devil". FYI: He asked me to dress up as the devil for Halloween. I think it was just so he could say that and get away with it. At age four!
Cullen was at his dad's house this year, but I did get a few pics.

He was an army man, straight from the war

After, Jude and I dropped the kids off at Julia and Jake's and headed to see a movie, "Paranormal Activity". Talk about some scary stuff! I have always had freaky crap happen to me throughout my life and it definitely scared me. Go see it! Maybe I will post a blog on some of the freaky things...
Me and my two little monkeys

Skeleton and Optimus Prime


Ro was scared of his cousin, Frankenstein

Getting some loot

"Look, BUG!"

Bucket is getting a little heavy

"Trick or Treat!"

Enjoying his treats

Aiden took this pic, my little photographer

Aiden counting his gold

Roman LOVES suckers, all he wanted

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween party at Hannah & Eli's

Tonight we headed to the Northshore with the Castillo clan

to a Halloween bash not soon be forgotten. There were plenty parents, and that made for many more kids. Roman was the only one able to make it with me, as Cullen was at his dads and Aiden was sick. We had a great time meeting new people and eating lots of yummy snack foods. Here are a few pics of the partay.
Tres Amigas unite again!

Romeo, I mean, a pirate

Giddy up, girl!

Mommy's baby boy

Diva #1

Diva #2

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good girlfriends

Awhile back, a group of us girls would get together almost every Thursday to watch Grey's Anatomy and discuss life and girly stuff. Husbands, boyfriends, dieting, children, school, jobs, religion, you name it, we discussed it. Other times, we would hit up a nice restaurant and celebrate a birthday or two. Times have been so busy that we sort of just stopped planning them. I am happy to say that we got together tonight just for the fun of it. No Grey's. We chatted, laughed, and had good times at Heather's house. We are talking about bringing girl's night back on a once a month basis and I am ready. Sign me up! It isn't always the same girls, but it is always the same group. Friends, friends of friends, sisters, etc. It is great to have a group of girls to hang with and it is nice meeting new people every now and then. I love my girls!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aiden is Jedi

Tonight Jude took Aiden on a date to see Star Wars in concert. Aiden was so happy, it was precious. I think Jude was just as happy, though he doesn't express it like a child. Here are a few pictures of the boys in their glory.

A real genuine smile

While Dad and Aiden were out, I decided to take the other two to a no-star restaurant and then to get ice cream at B&J's. It was nice to get some alone time with those two. They are great dates!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy 5th birthday, Xan the Man!

Saturday's afternoon festivities included a sleepover at Xander's for his fifth birthday. All the kids wore their costumes and looked oh so cute! The tres amigas got together (Me, Amy, and Mandy)

and we had as much fun as the kids did.

The party was a success and Xander was a happy little man. When it was time to actually go to sleep, Aiden wanted to come home.

My poor baby has a fever and now pink eye. He at least waited to the major fun parts were over:)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall @ the Mall

Today we went in search of a present for Aiden's BFF's birthday party and we added a little fun to our trip. First, the icee bear caught us and we took a photo op with him and got an icee coupon, which we used.

Then, Aiden and Ro rode the choo choo train.

It was a fun morning at the mall, if you ask the boys.
Cullen is spending the weekend with his MiMi on the Northshore. She rented them a hotel room with an indoor pool so they could have some alone time and he is living it up!