Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The park, in one hour or less

We attended gym this morning, kinda like school or church, something we HAVE to go to. Then we headed to the newest park on the block with our MF's (Mom Friends). We were having such a great time, and then it came. The rain! We hadn't even been there for an hour. Twenty moms and thirty toddlers, running to the car. It was fun while it lasted.

And they're offff......

Dirt. Cool!

Roman saying "Cheese". Yes, he is posing.

Boys playing in dirt.

Good times.

"Which cool tool do I use?"

Aiden, with his mouth open, as usual

"Faster, faster, faster..."

Ro climbing up to the top of the slide with his friend

Peek-a-boo, I see you.

My Ro


Ready for more

Aiden climbing

More climbing ('cause he IS a monkey!)

The ice cream or no deal?

A while back my friend/neighbor Sarah said that she finds the ice cream man comes at odd times and it had us thinking. Why? Well he just rode by the house at 12:30 PM, on a Tuesday, with the music blaring. How many children can you reach at this hour? Isn't this nap time for most young ones? Wouldn't it be more beneficial to wait till the majority of children are home from school? So what exactly is he selling, or dealing? Makes one wonder. Well, two wonder.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy 62nd Birthday, Nanny

Today was Nanny's birthday and we celebrated it here. I made some delicious fried chicken, homemade mac and cheese, and corn. We baked a yellow cake with chocolate icing and it was ummm ummm good. Nanny got her first digital camera this evening and I look forward to seeing her pictures when the boys are over there. It was a good family night. Amy, Xan, and Laney joined us for cake, too. We love when our friends come over.

Happy birthday to you...
Jude holding Ro back from blowing the candles out
Xan is having deep thoughts

Roman is so excited cake is coming his way

Delaney even liked it
The boys playing

Real men build things!

The adventures of mommyhood

I woke up today thinking it would be a great day to run errands. My mother in laws birthday is tonight and I have a few things I needed to do. The kids and I got ready and were out the door. I realized soon after I left my cell phone at home. Not that big of a deal, but annoying none the less. First thing I decided to do is return a movie to Blockbuster. I get that done and my next move is Best Buy. As I am leaving the Blockbuster parking lot, I find it hard to maneuver four lanes and go to the turning lane so I decided to go straight and catch the "out of the way" interstate. I get on the interstate, driving along and realize I am going the wrong way, east. Crap! Take the next exit, u-turn, and am now going west. Aiden notices and says "Are we going the right way now, Mommy?" Nothing like a four year old catching your mistakes. He must have been listening to me talk to myself in the front seat. Now, we get to Best Buy and after promising popcorn at the next stop if they behave, we had very few meltdowns. Notice, I didn't say "no meltdowns". I told the cashier as she watched in disbelief "Don't have kids!". We get to our next stop, Target, and the kids are already tired of shopping. I buy the popcorn and drinks immediately. Aiden is spilling his drink and Roman starts throwing the popcorn and spilling his drink. I decided to throw away Roman's snack real quick because I could see where this was headed. Well, Roman starts screaming his head off and I grab a pack of goldfish, not before the entire lanes of checkout stare, and calm Ro down with that. We make it through the store and with Ro only throwing a few goldfish and a few things out the buggy, we check out. The cashier, as we were talking, suggests I put one in day care. Nice! The, there was a nasty lady behind me being rude to the cashier who checked me out and I thought for a second she was going to make a complaint on her. I started to leave and then decided to walk back nonchalantly toward the checkout lane to make sure she didn't because I was going to vouch for the nice cashier. Well, as I was walking back, Roman starts screaming at the top of his lungs like I had dropped him or something. Apparently, he WAS NOT going back to shopping in his mind. Again, the entire front of the store, staring. I pick him up out the buggy and realize the nasty lady was leaving, too. So, I continue on to Rouses where I promise we will not be long; and we weren't. I let Ro play with my keys to keep him entertained. I didn't need another earache from the screaming. We get home, Ro is knocked out, Aiden will not stop talking, and I realize Ro lost my house key at the grocery. It snaps on and off my key chain. Great! I will just call my inlaws and see if they are home and use their extra key. Wait, no cell phone on me. I decide to drive to their house. Thank God they do not live that far. Guess who's NOT home. Exactly. I go inside (because I have their house key) and use their phone to call them. Wait, what is their cell phone number?? I don't have it. I call Jude, explain what is going on. He tells me he is at the hospital with an employee and has no car, he rode in the ambulance. I get his parents cell number from him, call them, and they are at a store a few blocks away. Swing by, get the key, go home, and put all my melted freezer items in the house. If it weren't for some good meds, I would be in a loony bin by now. :) Seriously, you didn't think I could raise three boys and not be on something?! Is it five o'clock, yet?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sabbath Day

Sunday was our day of rest. All day.
Another nightly snuggle moment caught on film...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday party=Crawfish boil

We woke up earlier than usual on this beautiful Saturday morning to go to the gym and then find our way to the Parish to celebrate Heidi's birthday. The food was delicious and the boys had a great time. I am glad we could be a part of it.
Heidi and Bob

Nicholas, who wouldn't let me get a good picture

Granny, Mom, Andrea

Roman digging for crystals


Aunt Heidi lighting smoke bombs in my four year old's hands

He had a blast!

Just look at the happiness on that face
Roman playing with some of Bob's "art"
Ro getting MiMi hugs

Granny in her true form (shame shame for smoking!!)
The weird frog (that looks dead, but isn't)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fridays are for fun

Today we woke up and dashed to the gym to get a good workout. Aiden got to play with Xan in childcare; Mommy and Mrs. Amy got to sweat their butt's off in chisel. Then we were off to the mall to meet our MF's, ride the mall choo choo train, eat, and do a little shopping. Roman wasn't that enthused once he got on the train. Every time the train would pass by mommy, Ro would drop his bottom lip to a frown and let out a sad cry. We only rode once. We had a great time too up until the shopping point. I do not know what type of crack we smoked thinking three adults could take six children shopping and have a successful trip, but we had to of smoked something. Amy, Mandy and I decided to leave, brave the rain and go to our house to play. The kids had fun and the parents enjoyed not being at the mall. It came time for everyone to leave and daddy arrived home shortly after. I felt I had not accomplished much at the mall earlier, so I convinced Jude to take me to dinner and let me shop a little more. I love him so much! We dropped the kiddies off at their grandparents and went to eat at our favorite china bistro. At dinner we celebrated Jude getting his annual raise with bonus. He is such a great man and I love him so much for all the hard work he puts in. I hope I make him at least half as happy as he makes me. Later, I finished the shopping I had started earlier in the day, kid-free. The main thing I was shopping for were gym clothes and JC Penney's had a half off sale. Score!
The night ended with Ro and Aiden snuggling in the car bed together and I had to snap a picture. They have such a strong bond and I admire it. My sister and I were never close and I realize how much I missed out on when I look at those two boys.
Here are a few pics. Thanks, Michelle!!
Ro and his sad face

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 35th Birthday, Heidi

Summer of 1986
You were always so mean, yet I idealized you anyway because you were my big sister.
We do not have many pictures together; this is one I found.
I have always been the intruder in your life, like Aiden is to Cullen.
When I find a way to resolve their issues, maybe I can then understand ours.
In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG SIS!

Thought for the day

I would rather live in the worst house in the nicest neighborhood, than the nicest house in the worst neighborhood.
Location! Location! Location!

(Back to reading my real estate magazine...)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Seriously, stop talking

Today we went to meet our MF's at a cool kids place. We had a lot of fun hanging out with our friends and I was so happy to have my camera back, taking pictures. I even bought a yearly membership while we were there. Aiden has been in a mood since the moment we left. I'm not sure why, only because there are too many reasons, but he has my nerves shot. SHOT! I could put him out to the street at the moment with a "Free to good home" sign. He is whiny, demanding, and doing everything he shouldn't be doing. His voice makes me cringe and I want to hide from him. Yes, I am having one of those days. They seem few and far between lately, but he is making up for them all in one day.
Yes, I am admitting in my blog that I have bad days. Not every day is perfect and happy and cheery. The good and the bad, it is all part of motherhood.
Jude came home for lunch and I am enjoying blogging at the moment. My muscles ache from gym class this week and I just took a vicodin to relax them (and me). I actually look forward to work tomorrow, at the job I am leaving.
Then, I am going to enjoy some girl time in the evening, having dinner with friends. Much needed after today!

Friends in black

Laney showing her pearly whites

Eli says "I can do that, too!"

Hannah and a puppet show

Building a castle

Hard at work

The Ro Man

Roman working the controls

Just a swingin'

Aiden, even bigger than boats

Roman working the ship yard

The look of intensity

Captain Ro Man

Cheesing for mommy

Xan will not stop for photos

Aiden driving the trolley, taking us out of here