Friday, March 19, 2010

My little athlete(s)

Cullen dressed in his official soccer uniform...

I can't stand how much he is growing up! Makes me sad.
Also, Aiden has signed up for T-Ball at the local YMCA and will be improving his skills over the next eight weeks. Photos coming soon!
Roman wondering when it will be his turn to run out on the field

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aiden turns 5!

Today, Mr. Aiden Bo Jaiden woke up a five year old. When I told him happy birthday this morning and congratulated him on turning five, he informed me he was not five yet. According to him, people have to sing to you and give you cake before your age changes. Oh, if that were the case, wouldn't life be perfect?! I'd still be twenty.
He had a (snack) party at school involving Spiderman cupcakes, singing, and he brought home a very handsome birthday crown that he wore today. Once he got home, Roman and I baked him a cake.

The family went to McD's for dinner (Aiden's favorite place to dine out) and we all came home to eat cake, ice cream, and open presents.

The past five years have aged me ten, but I wouldn't change them for the world. Aiden, whose name means fiery, has probably given me the most stories to tell out of all three children in their toddler years. As a second child, he has forced me to grow as a mother and has given me totally different challenges than his older brother ever did. He whines and makes me want to stick sharp pencils in my ears, but then he cuddles and makes me forget all about it. He argues with me about almost everything, but then he goes to school and gets perfect conduct, which makes up for it. He screams the loudest screams imaginable at home, and in public, but then he says, and does, some of the sweetest things in the world and I melt. It is a very give and take relationship with him, but he is mommy's pride and joy and I can't wait to see what he has in store for me over the many years ahead.
He's just perfect! Beautiful!
One of his Lego presents he put together tonight

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Roman, the boss

Roman rarely gets fussed/corrected, as I find him to be a pretty easy child. Lately, he has been getting into mischief (trouble) and these are the things I hear when I tell him to behave.

Me: I tell him to stop doing something.
Roman: With his finger over his mouth, "Ssshhhhhh! Ssshhhhhh!" to me, every time I try to speak

Me: Correcting him in the car, or again, telling him to stop doing something
Roman: "You stop talking to me!" repeating himself over and over again

Me: "Roman, here's your dinner", putting the plate in front of him
Roman: "Not theees!", pushing the plate away, two, three, four times

Me: "Roman, give me a kiss."
Roman: "No!"
Me: Pretending to cry and be sad
Roman: "You go cry!!" pointing me away

Me: Turning the radio up in the car a tiny notch
Roman: "That's too loud!" "That's too loud!"
Me: Turns it down

The other day...
Me: Laying in the recliner, I jump up to tell him to stop stepping on the baby bouncer we just got
Roman: Talking over me, "You lay down!", repeating himself every time I try to speak "You lay down!" pointing his finger at me

My least, least favorite...
Any time I smack his little hand or pop him on his baby butt for this back talking, he screams "KISS IT!" "KISS IT!" and will continue to push whatever body part it is in front of me so my mouth will grace it.
He did it to me in public at the airport the other day when he kept throwing my iphone that he was watching. I smacked his hand after the third time and he yelled "Kiss it!" repeatedly, loud. I turned many shades of red as I tried to hush him, eventually caving and kissing it.

I just don't think he understands he is two and I am thirty two.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Do you see God?

He's the little blue guy in the sky right below the orange chalk up top, but above the kite. Yep, that's him. Well, according to Aiden, it's him.

I love it!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pay it forward

I am going to start this blog off by going back a few years. Five years and ten months ago I was about to marry the man of my dreams. I had the bright idea to have a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. (Don't EVER do this!!!!) May 28, 2004 came and by the end of the night on the party bus, I threw my beautiful diamond engagement ring at Jude and told him it was over. There was a lot more to it that night, but this is the important part of the story. Jude was intoxicated (okay, we both were) and we parted ways that night/morning after getting off the bus not speaking. The next morning, with no ring on my finger, realizing what a huge mistake the whole night was, I called Jude ASAP. After some apologies, I asked where my ring was. He had NO CLUE what I was talking about. After hours of rehashing, we met at his friends house from the night before and called the party bus driver. Now, he was a real big, tall, very dark, scary, tough looking (but kinda cute) guy named Bernard. I had chatted him up the night of the "party" and really thought he was cool. So, we called Bernard and asked him if he had found a diamond engagement ring on the bus floor. He said he was driving the bus back from Baton Rouge, but would look for it and give us a call. I cannot explain what those minutes/hours felt like. The ring was expensive for our budget. Very! I had almost convinced myself it was just a materialistic item that could one day be replaced, but Jude couldn't be. We waited and waited and then the phone rang. HE FOUND IT! He was bringing it to us immediately. I was so happy, I definitely didn't imagine it all going down that way. There were many thoughts that had entered my mind earlier that day...he'd keep it, it got stepped on and smashed, someone else would find it and keep it, he cleaned the bus and lost it, etc. etc. When that bus pulled up with Bernard on it, and my ring, I tackled that man like no one was around, just him and I. lol I was all over him with joy. We all thanked him. We gave him a few hundred dollars (from our wedding funds) in an envelope for returning it and driving it to us. A thank you to him! There are plenty of times I have thought about ol' Bernard over the years. What an amazing man he was! He has a place in my heart, where ever he is.
Flash forward, last night out with the girls, Amy found a cell phone in a parking lot by this club. I looked through the numbers and found one that said "Momma". That was the one to call. Momma answered and she was just as sweet as can be. She said it was her son's cell and she would let him know we would be leaving it at the bar we were at. Well, at the bar, I didn't feel it was safe after I left it with the odd bartender. She just rubbed me wrong, and she did Amy too. So when we left, we took it back. I called Momma again and she said she would call me tomorrow with a plan. She was very thankful for the kindness. On our way to the next place out, I decided to peek at the pictures and see whose phone I had. (You would have, too!!) Well, I was a tad scared at that point as it was some thug guy with pictures of guns, him holding guns, money photos, etc. It was too late now, I already had Momma calling me back the next day to set up a drop off and it was very late at night. Maybe, I could just chalk it up to we lived different lifestyles. The next day I waited and waited, and about six that evening, she called. He got on the phone and was so courteous and pleasant, thanking me over and over. Jude and I decided to go eat at a public place and have him meet us there. Over dinner, I look up and see an old (used to be close to) friend I hadn't seen in a long time. Just as the old friend was walking past our table to leave, we started having a brief conversation, then ol' boy walked in and I excused myself to meet this "guy in a red and white shirt with dreads" (that's how he described himself) and return his phone to him. He was quite little in person, not as scary as I thought he'd be, so nice and he even grabbed a hug. I knew that feeling he had inside and it felt nice to do a good deed. I went back to the table, and when it was all over, I asked Jude if that could have been any more awkward of a moment. We laughed. Talk about a weird dinner! I know the cell and the ring do not compare in comparison, but when you lose something, anything, and a stranger gives it back, it renews your faith in people, if only for a short time:)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

All Star Soccer Team

Cullen's soccer team won first place in their playoffs! I was so happy for him and his team. He received a trophy on Friday

after their final game. Well, I thought it was his final game of the season until I received a phone call asking if he could play on the All Star Team these next few weeks. It's the first year he was eligible to play on it and he got picked as one of the few. Now, I'm not a big sports fan, but I do know that this is an honor. I really hope his team does well and they move up to the next level. My little boy is growing up. He is having a lot of big "moments" this year. I am one proud mommy!

Note: He definitely doesn't have his mother's athletic abilities.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Flower competition

Reason #568 and #569 of why I love my boys.
Today, in this gorgeous weather, we went to watch Cullen play a soccer game at our local playground. They are an undefeated team, and this is a first for any team Cullen has played on. I usually do not get to really watch him play because I have two other monkeys to look after. But today, they played on the field where I could watch everyone and I was able to cheer Cullen on. Oddly, they were playing GIRLS today; older girls. In the end, it was a tie (and they never make them play over time).
While the game was going on, Roman handed me two little flowers (weeds) in front of Aiden. Not to be outdone, Aiden picked me some more flowers (weeds). Then, Roman had to continue with the competition, then Aiden. It is so cute to have two little men competing for you. I'm a very lucky girl!! This isn't the first, and I sure hope it isn't the last.

Earlier, before we left for that game, I was flat ironing my hair while Roman and Aiden were playing their Leapsters on my bed. Roman rolls over near me and says "Momma, you so phootiful (beautiful)." He complemented me and my heart melted. They are sweet just like their daddy. They get it honestly.
*My photos won't upload, only one. Need to work on that.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Highway workers

Cullen, my artsy ten year old, decided to opt in on a project that was parish wide in schools and draw a sign to promote caution while driving during road construction. This is the beautiful picture he has drawn...