Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday swim

We went to our friends place today for a nice dip in the pool with the Castillo's. We also ate some delicious food and enjoyed great company. It was a lovely Sunday.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hoedown for Heather and Eric

Tonight we celebrated the future marriage of Heather and Eric, and it was a lovely evening. Some of our friends were there in hillbilly attire, so of course we had to take lots of photos! I look forward to Heather and Eric becoming one at the end of June. They are such a great couple. It has been awesome to watch them become friends, date, fall in love, and choose marriage as their next step.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

All American day

Jude was off today and we took the boys swimming at our local gym.
After, Aiden had his first day of swim lessons with his BFF Xan, which I will do a follow up post on.
Later, we went to Cullen's baseball game and watched big brother play ball.

Shim Sham misses his big bro!

Our evening ended with dinner off the grill. The only odd thing was one piece of corn was "challenged". Scary! I made the kids eat it. (Kidding)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some like it hot...

and some do not. I do not!

It was soooo hot today at the park. I took Aiden and left Roman home with Daddy.
Aiden and Xander racing HA!

Mommy's angel

When we got home, we were ready for some pool time fun!

Then, Daddy came home for dinner and we watched a wrestling show, right in our living room.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playdate at Blair's

Today, the little boys and I went to play at our friend Blair's house with our MF's. We had a great time visiting and were sorry we had to leave early so Ro could go to the doctor for his two year old check up.
My big boy is 34 pounds and 35 inches. Moooo!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Girlfriend Experience

Tonight, Jude and I went out for a date night. Yes, that is two weeks in a row:) (We are on FIRE!) I picked a movie from the local theater and we went to see it. It stunk! Do not go see "The Girlfriend Experience". When the lights came on, everyone was moaning, and not in a good GE way. After, we went to the FQ and decided to eat at a place where they had no lines, HOB. We really enjoyed our adult time at dinner. It was so nice to get some alone time with my honey bunny. I love him so.

Side note-I got my car back yesterday. Yayyyy!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Old friends and new friends

Tonight, Amy and Alex invited Jude and I over for dinner with Mandy and her husband, Ben (Alex and Ben work together), and all the kids. Val and LJ came too. We had a wonderful adult evening. In fact, the kids played so well together, it was like they weren't even there. The food was delicious, as always, by the Castillo's house. I am glad we met Mandy a few months back. I think she fits right in. I am hoping we can make this a monthly tradition. Fun times!


As for my Cullen, today was his last day of school. He is officially a fourth grader. He passed with all B's and C's. Yes, not one A in his final grades and he is going to change that next year. He is so smart and extremely capable, just a little lazy and a smidge ADD. He will do better next year! I have faith! He went to his dad's house today and will be there for the week. This is where he leaves me for long lengths of time and I get to miss him. He spends a good amount of time at his dads during the summer so I may not be blogging much about him till August. He starts a new public school in August, where he will make new friends; no more Catholic school. I am so worried about him liking it. I pray he likes it and gets a good education out of it.

Monkeying around

Today we went to our favorite hot tot spot and let out lots of energy. I had an anger issue when we were leaving because Aiden does that to me every now and then, but all in all, it was a good day. Now if I could just potty train my fifty month old!!!!!