Monday, November 30, 2009


Jude and the boys were painting the other day and I found this drying on the counter. The things that make my heart melt!
Jude painted it:)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

RanDOM things you'll see on our tree

The Christmas tree is up. The boys were so excited to help decorate it. Mom actually got to sit back and watch as Jude and the three munchkins did their job.

Now, you will notice that majority of the decorations are on top. The reason is, the kids can't keep their hands off the tree.

Within twenty four hours of putting the tree up, these are a few items I've found:
A.) The glove I took from Whole Foods after I fetched some rice out the dispenser. I didn't see a garbage can so I put it in my large purse. It came home, it got out, and before I knew it, it was a decoration on the tree. When I asked Aiden about it, his reply was "It's so you and Daddy can shake hands with the tree." Okaaayyy.

B.) A few days back, the number 2 candle was taken out of our kitchen drawer and lit for a birthday. Today, Roman took the candle out of the junk drawer and put it in the tree.

That's fine. Roman immediately went back to the junk drawer and grabbed a lighter (childproof, thank God) and headed for the number 2 on the tree. OMG!!
C.) A picture that Aiden drew at his grandparents house OF A TREE on the tree.

I cannot wait to take the tree down!
An elf with chocolate all over his face

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today we played

Picture number five...priceless.

Friday, November 27, 2009

A stand up kinda guy

This morning I noticed part of my old sewing kit was on the ground. Aiden has learned how to break open the baby lock on the pantry, so I assumed it was him.

I keep all their games, colors, puzzles, etc. in there and my sewing stuff. I went into the toy room and started fussing at Aiden while Ro watched from the kitchen table. It went a little something like this:
"Aiden, didn't I tell you NOT to go into the pantry?! You know better! Just because you can open the lock doesn't mean you should. How many times do I need to tell you to STAY OUT of there..." The entire time that Aiden was trying to speak, I didn't want to hear it. He was saying it was Roman. He usually blames everything on his little brother. As I carried on about how upset I was that my things were all over the ground, Roman chimes in from the kitchen and says "I did that!" loud and proud. I stopped fussing long enough to ask Roman to repeat himself. "I did that!" he said proudly, again.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It was so funny, and yet so honorable of him. He is going to learn REAL quick about tattling on himself in this house. As far as I know, the rules are always blame your brother. In the end, they both needed fussing because it was team work that inspired it all. One opened the door, and one messed with my stuff. The honesty, that goes down in the books!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm a weiner!

Let me just start off by saying at our house, a girl part is called a flower.

Aiden's playing a video game and he wins.
He starts saying "I'm a winner! I'm a winner!".
To which I follow by saying "I'm a weiner! I'm a wiener!".
Aiden looks at me and says "No you're not. You're a flower!".

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Are cavities contagious?

Today we took all three boys to the dentist. Cullen did great, as he always has. Aiden shocked us and was very good. Last time we were there, six months ago, Aiden's head spun, he spit, and bit. I was so embarrassed. This time, you could see the fear on his face but he did fantastic. Roman, on the other hand, took over all the bad habits and he was a wild man. It was discovered that Roman has a small cavity on his back tooth and he will go in next week to get that filled, while under sedation. So tonight, we put the boys to bed; Roman in their car bed and Aiden in our bed, and we went into the living room to watch a movie. (We wait for them to fall asleep before putting them together, otherwise they will play for hours.) The house was nice and quiet and we were watching "Two Lovers", when Aiden yells from our room, "Momma!".
"What Aidennn?!", I reply.
So innocently, Aiden says "I don't want to sleep with RoRo 'cause he has cavities!!".
Poor Ro-man!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy 10th birthday, Culleeno!

Today, my baby boy made ten! He is growing so old, so fast. I wish time would just stop. I love the ages we are at over here: ten, four and two. Friday, Cullen and I went to the mall so he could pick out the design for his birthday cookie cake and we did a little shopping together. In true male fashion, he didn't really enjoy himself; though he did pick out some really cute shoes and a warm sweater. Then yesterday, Saturday, Jude was off work so we woke up, took the boys to eat beignets and went to see "Planet 51". It was a really cute movie and all the boys behaved to the best of their ability. It was the official kickoff to Cullen's tenth birthday weekend. Then today, we went to church together, hung out at the house, and went to eat at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. The mariachi band was there playing and we got Cullen to wear the huge sombrero

while they sang to the tune of Happy Birthday in Spanish. Again, the boys were very well behaved and it was a wonderful little lunch. When we got home, we enjoyed cookie cake and gave Cullen his birthday gifts. Just what he asked for, gift cards to Toys R' Us. He ended up with $200 in TRU gift cards and fifteen dollars cash. Eager to spend it all, we headed to TRU, just the two of us. He picked out some great gifts and was so thankful and appreciative of all of it! It was nice to see that. My baby boy is growing up!
Ro didn't want to give the hat back

Ro dancing to the sweet Spanish tunes

Aiden being good to the best of his ability

Ro presenting me with flowers he stole from the table
...Sooo "Roman"tic

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can you dig it?

Today was Aiden's pre-kindergarten classes field trip to the zoo and I signed myself up to chaperon. It was a gorgeous day and the animals were out

enjoying the nice, cool weather. When we arrived, we all went in different directions, as the class didn't have to stay together. I got cute little (big handful) Drew again.

He is so stinkin' cute, a foot shorter than Aiden and he hugs all over him so much.

As we were walking, we passed a different school and they were all grouped together, seated in a little hut, listening to an educational story. Aiden takes a look and says proudly "They're learning stuff and we're not!". True, son. True. I tried to let the two little boys lead me so I wouldn't be pushing them to complete the zoo in the two plus hours that we had. If they wanted to stop and stare at a plant, that is what we did. Well, they found the huge sand box in one part of the zoo and they wanted to play.

It was empty of children. I thought, "Why the hell not?". So I sat on the bench and watched them play in the sand most of our time at the zoo. They dug, dug, and dug some more. Sand was flying!

I asked them a few different times if they were ready, and each time they were not. I giggled listening to all the different school children pass and ask to play in the sand and hearing the responses from all the teachers and parents. I seemed to be the only crazy one that didn't mind, and my two pre-k'ers had a BLAST! Sand brushed right off. After, we rode the train and it was time to go back on the bus.

Today was a successful day in pre-k land.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


My little gang got up this morning and were getting into mischief. When I heard all the ruckus, I climbed out of bed and asked the Sunday question, "Do you boys want to go to church?". Why yes, they do! We all dressed and headed out the door. Jude was working today, but took a lunch to meet us there. All was swell till Roman's child care number flashed across the big church screen. I asked Jude "Is that us?" as I fumbled for the sticker with Roman's name and number id on it. He was already getting up to go. I said nicely, "You stay here, I'll go", but Jude wouldn't accept. He was out the door in the blink of an eye and I followed behind in under a minute. I tried to stay seated, but couldn't. Our little man had thrown up all over himself in child church. Jude kindly left with Roman, and me and the other two angels (HA) stayed at the service. After three hours at church (we had lunch there), we returned home. God, I love that place:) I did a lot of cleaning, and regular boring stuff a fortunate housewife gets to do.
When Jude came home, he was ready to watch the Saints game on the TiVo. Now, I am not a big football fan, but the passion Jude has for the Saints makes me slightly dislike watching it with him. If they are winning, he is in a great mood, and lovely to be around. But if they are losing, you would think someone had just killed his dog. He is an angry man and has little football tantrums. It takes all the fun out of watching the game with him. I try to avoid it if at all possible. So, I decided to take Cullen out for a movie. Spend a little one on one time with him. He was excited. I left it up to him if we would bring Aiden, and you can guess where Aiden spent his evening. The movie was "A Christmas Carol" and it had awesome 3-D effects.

I personally found it hard to understand their accents and it got a bit scary at times toward the end, but it was a must see for the theater. At one point, Cullen and I sat and were holding hands. It was soooo sweet. He leaned over and said "Mom, when you and I go places alone, I feel like I grow closer to you each time". I said with a smile "Yeah, right, you just want me to take you more places alone". He insisted he was serious and I believe in his little heart, it is true. He would sell his two little brothers in a heartbeat to be an only child! I really enjoyed our Sunday time together, and so did he.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Things I want to remember...

How Roman yell's "Can't" every time he is directed to do something he has no interest in doing. "Cannnnn't!"
How all the boys get excited when I say it is time to go to church. I was NEVER like that.
How Cullen is so polite and courteous to strangers.
How Aiden picks rocks for me everyday after school, still, when I pick the boys up.
How Cullen and Aiden hold hands when walking to the car from car pick up. (That is the only time you will ever see those two show any kind of affection toward each other.)
How Roman and Aiden yell "Bye Cullen" out the window when I drop him off in the mornings and Aiden adds "See you in car pick up this afternoon!".
How Roman pulls me up from the chair and says "Should see" when he doesn't know how to word what he is trying to say and wants to show me something in another room.
How Jude goes to church twice on most Sundays, attending with me and the boys in the morning and still getting his Catholic fix at some other point in the day.
How Jude goes to work and never complains about doing it.
How Roman says "I lub lou" (I love you).
How Cullen still wants to be tucked in at night and he will be ten in two weeks.
How much Aiden enjoys going to school everyday in Pre K.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall park play is the best

This morning sick Roman and I headed over to the Northshore to play at one of our favorite parks with some of our mommy friends.

Normally, I would have kept him home but today wasn't a normal day. We had some friendly stuff to take care of. My friend Kenzie met us, too, with Landon. Kenzie and I go wayyy back. Like, umm, sixteen years or so. The good ol' days (and she knows a lot of dirt on me!).

It was a very nice morning getting in lots of play in this beautiful fall weather. After, we tried to attend a parent organization meeting at school but Ro wasn't having it. I never take my child with me to adult things like this, but for once, needed to, and he acted a complete fool. Next time, I'll just stay home and save myself the screaming, tantrum embarrassment.
We weren't home very long when my long lost boy-friend sent me a text asking me what my plans were. He was in the area from Ocean Springs. I was so happy to hear from Mike that we left the house and met him at the mall almost immediately. I hadn't seen him since Roman was in my belly, literally a few days before he was due.

And now, my dearest friend Dawn is in town this weekend from Florida and I am looking forward to some sweet time with her. Fun times are ahead!
What a friendly weekend this is turning out to be.
Mommy friends and so much more

Kenzie chasing Landon, that's what she did all morning:)

"Quick, which way do I go?"

Ro in a box


Toddler fun

Ms. Laney

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy birthday, Paw Paw!

Jude was home today and none of us were feeling well. I made Ro a doctor's appointment this morning and took him in. He has the same viral infection his older brother had last week. He also has an ear infection. My little man was a grump majority of the day and I really feel bad for him, as just my throat is hurting and all I want to do is complain. This evening we had plans to celebrate Paw Paw's birthday at a local seafood restaurant. I baked a pitiful (but yummy) cake before we left and we headed out the door. Dinner was nice, except poor Ro was whiny and wouldn't even eat ice cream. You know your child is sick when they won't touch that! After, we went back to Nanny and Paw Paw's house to celebrate the-man-that-will-give-his-grandchildren-anything-they-want-in-the-world's day of birth, sixty three years ago.

My sick Ro Ro

Peeling the breading off the shrimp

Scully and mom

Paw Paw, a.k.a. PaPa Jake

Sweet brothers