Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Defy nightly

Roaming the internet tonight and came across this short, senseless article. The reason I am posting it is because it was a topic of conversation with me and a few friends a couple of weeks back. Here is an easy way to remember how to spell the most misspelled word:
(Something my children do to me on a regular basis.)

Art for Dad's day

On our way to our playdate today, we passed a Krispy Kreme, which we do not live near. As we passed it, Aiden says "Mommy, why aren't we picking up any donuts?". If that doesn't scream I have a donut addiction, I don't know what does. We never pass there without purchasing. I explained we were running late and he had eaten breakfast already. Well, low and behold, when we got to where we were going, Krispy Kreme was already there. The is a donut God afterall!
Our playdate today was at Mrs. Blair's, her last event before she packs overnight and leaves us. She was very brave to host 29 moms, plus 29 children, plus siblings, in a few hours time frame. The event was a success and we made great gifts for daddy.
Mad scissor hands

My child

Feeding his dirty addiction, all alone



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No more boob tube

I am trying something new this week. Actually, it will be for a month. No television for the little ones. No video games, like Wii. I wonder if I can do it. I feel like they watch way too much television here. It can't be healthy. Even if it is Disney. It is totally my fault. I understand this. Television is a great babysitter, as sad as that is to admit. So today we painted a masterpiece, ran errands, and went to the park for about a half an hour; too hot to stay any longer. We interacted a little more than mommy could handle, but I am sure as time passes it will get better. Right?!
Last month, I purchased two hundred dollars worth of canvases for my mommy group and we ended up not needing them. My plan was to return them but at the rate we are going here, I will need them, and then some. Must find things to do. Must find things to do...
Maybe I will pick up a new hobby. I just poured a glass of Juicy Juice and it sure smells like it would go great with some rum! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bayou Barbie Blair

Tonight I went to dinner with twenty of Blair's friends to wish her well on her next adventures. Our friend is moving on up in Louisiana and she is going to be greatly missed by many. I met her through our mommy group and had the pleasure of working with her on the organizing team. She is as tall as a giraffe (I can say this because I am too) and when she walks into a room, you are sure to see her. She is the one that has it all together, with her purple pride clothing, and two adorable children on her side, who ninety nine percent of the time are very well behaved. When I met her, I wanted her to be mean so I could hate her, hehe, kidding, but her personality is as beautiful as she is. She has all the best things and all the greatest advice and doesn't act like it. She's humble. (I hate that she is moving before I can find something wrong with her.) In my mind, she's permanently marked as the friend who has it all together, including the doctor husband. She's like Bayou Barbie. Blair is the one that has everyone blogging. I am comforted in the fact that we will be able to keep up with her and her great family through the lovely thing called the internet; though she may not find the time when she has six kids. Blair, thanks for making an impact on my life and I look forward to staying in touch. I wish you all the best!

Swim with me

Swimming is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. The boys and I had a playdate at our friend Cherie's today and it was the perfect weather.
Aiden has been doing okay since his swim lessons but he still likes to try and hold on to the side at times. He did it so much today, he had a tiny blister on every finger on his hand, the sides of his feet, and on his toes. My poor man. That oughta teach him! (kidding)

Mrs. Amy, posing

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweet Home Louisiana day 8

We arrived to land on time and waited in the herd to escape to a cab.
We rushed to the house, only to realize we had no keys. As we sat out in the hot humid heat, waiting for Jude's dad to bring the house key to us, we realized life was back to the norm. But...
We were super excited to see our boys after!!!
We took them to a movie to see "Up" (which was super cute) and then took them to dinner at Acme.
We had a great day with our boys!

Random things from our vacation

Jude and I got spray tanned and were orange for a day or two.
If you look through our pictures, you can see it bad on Jude's toes.
I took pictures of our toes because that is what my four year old is into.

The Gulf is so much dirtier than the Atlantic.

I love the towel animals and took pitures of each and every one.

Friday, June 12, 2009

See the Sea day 7

Yes, our last day at sea was today. We woke up earliesh to get a good chair out by the pool. As there were 2000 people and one pool, you needed to wake up at a decent time. Jude and I had been avoiding the sun the entire trip as not to get a major burn and be miserable, hiding form the sun the rest of the trip. The last official full day on vacation, we wanted some sun. We laid there for about twenty minutes, I started wanting to go in. We went for breakfast and came back. I laid there thinking, it is FREAKING HOT. I couldn't do it. Who needs a tan anyway? I asked if we could move to somewhere else, like inside, but Jude wanted sun. I settled for a shaded canopy chair next to a chair in the blaring sun where Jude could lay. I did swell for a good two hours total and then I said I needed to potty. I am pretty sure Jude knew what I was up to as he came looking in the room for me after thirty minutes. Neither one of us have a real tan and I am okay with that. We took naps, as that is our daily routine these days, and went to dinner. It was an extra fun time at dinner as they bid us farewell. I am going to miss those childless dinners with extra entertainment. Hmphff!
Sunset riding down the Mississippi

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sea, again? day 6

Yes, we are on our way home. It is another "Fun Day at Sea". We are using this time wisely and sleeping A LOT. As it is a "luxury" as Jude calls it.
We watched a movie in bed and played bingo. Oh, the excitement.
When it was time for dinner, we got dressed. I was a little dressed up in a black dress, but all black dresses look dressy. Jude was in jeans, not feeling well at all, looking to be as comfortable as possible. We walk out the door, and we were (well, Jude was) totally out of place. Apparently, there were TWO formal nights on this cruise and we didn't read the bulletin. Back in the room we went. Jude changed and we charged past the fifty people standing in line for another twenty dollar photo op. Haven't these people ever heard of taking their own photos? I don't understand it. Some people photo hop from one photog to the next, smiling it up. I think one formal picture is enough. Really. Of course it's just my opinion, but how about asking a stranger to take a photo (free) for you with your own camera and you doing the same for them in return? Anywho, we loved dinner.
Carnival has this "entertainment" at dinner and it is funny. The wait staff sings and dances, led by the four foot sixty year old foreign maitre de. He was so freaking cute I wanted to take him home as a butler. I had to get his photo.

Every night he walks up to your table and ask the same questions, verbatim, in his cute little accent.
"Hi, how are you?"
"How was your day?" or if you had eaten already "How was your dinner?"
and then he moves on to the table right next to you and says the same thing over and over again. So cute!
One of those moments where you had to be there. Our server, Serdar, was okay but I loved our neighbors servers. I had a little crush on one named Joel and Jude knew it. He did pole dances at dinner time and had a mouth full of jacked up teeth. He was absolutely precious. I had to get a picture with him, of course. Dinner is fun on Carnival!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not so Paradisey day 5

Today, Jude and I landed in Freeport and had an excursion planned to snorkel.
Very long story. Not a great story. Will not post details about it. Scarred. lol
I think we picked the wrong adventure for this place. I regret our decision and don't advise you go with the company, Reef Tours.